STEM Education: Exchange of Inspirations

STEM Education: Exchange of Inspirations

A One-day Seminar-cum-Workshop for Secondary School Science Teachers

25 June, 2016, The Hong Kong Institute of Education



Dear Principals and Panel Heads of science subjects,


I am pleased to inform you that the seminar-cum-workshop entitled ‘STEM Education: Exchange of Inspirations held on 30 April, 2016 in the Hong Kong Institute of Education was very well-received. Many interested teachers were unable to enroll due to oversubscription. In light of this, we have arranged a repeat of the activity on 25 June, 2016 (Sat), and we sincerely invite your school’s science teachers to attend.

STEM education is a recent effort of the Curriculum Development Council to integrate science, technology/engineering and mathematics into the curriculum to develop creativity, innovativeness and problem-solving skills. This seminar-cum-workshop is the first of a series of events organized by the HKIEd to promote STEM education in Hong Kong schools. Other forthcoming events include a STEM Olympiad, STEM teacher conference, and student workshops on STEM-related themes.

The seminar part of this event will explore how STEM education could fit with the formal curriculum in terms of learning objectives, teaching approaches and classroom activities. The workshop part will focus on the design of project-based activities to promote STEM education with the provision of hands-on experience for participants. To facilitate peer exchange, all participants are encouraged to bring their STEM teaching materials or ideas, if any, for sharing with other participants. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance, and a certificate of appreciation (for those who contribute to the sharing). For details of the programme and registration procedure, please refer to the information sheet printed overleaf.

Looking forward to your teachers’ active participation in the event!


Yours sincerely,



Lee, Yeung Chung (Dr.)


Department of Science and Environmental Studies

Hong Kong Institute of Education