About Us

Our Association was founded in 1964 to promote science and mathematics education. We are a charitable institution (Since 2010) and a professional organization for the promotion of science and mathematics education in Hong Kong. At present, membership stands at about 500, comprising mainly physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, integrated science and liberal studies teachers from secondary schools. Membership also includes curriculum officers and subject inspectors of the Education Bureau, subject officers of the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessments Authority and teacher trainers from the tertiary institutions (local universities and the Hong Kong Institute of Education).

The Association is a founder member of the international Council of Associations for Science Education (ICASE). In the past two decades, the Association has forwarded to the government and Education Bureau her views on a wide range of educational issues in Hong Kong, including the development of science and mathematics education, the diversification of curriculum, teacher induction and in-service education, and the need to establish an independent and well resourced curriculum development institute. The association is glad to see that many of her proposals have been accepted and implemented by the government.



The aims of the Association are to promote education by

  • improving the quality of science and mathematics education,
  • affording a means of communication amongst people concerned with the teaching of science and mathematics in particular and education in general,
  • providing a responsible medium through which opinions or those involved in science and mathematics education on educational matters may be expressed,
  • extending the professionalism of science and mathematics teachers.



  • Organization of lectures, seminars, workshops, field trips, visits, competitions, etc., to promote science and mathematics education and to provide opportunities for members to meet one another.
  • Development and sale of low cost educational equipment and other teaching resources for schools.
  • publication of newsletters, bulletins, journals and other literature to keep members abreast of educational changes and advances in their subjects.
  • Participation in curriculum and educational development - Subject convenors and senior members of the Association serving in Key Learning Areas committees of the Curriculum Development Council and the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority.
  • Conduct surveys, researches and funding projects for the improvement and the development of science, mathematics and liberal studies education.


Organizing special joint functions with other educational bodies

  • Orientation Programme for Beginner teachers - A one week induction course for beginning graduate teachers with no initial teacher training. This function is very well received by school principals and teachers.
  • Fun Competitions for secondary school students with the aim of nurturing creativity and promoting interest in science and mathematics. For examples, "Egg Drop Contest", "Spaghetti Bridge", "Paper Airplane", "100 Second Chronometer'' and "Rubber Band Powered Vehicle". In 1996, the contest was "Eggdrop Contest II".
  • Hong Kong Chemistry Olympiad -- A project work competition for Secondary 6-7 students it aims at promoting the interest of pupils in learning chemistry through project work.


Organization of educational activities on a regional and international basis


  • The 4th ICASE-Asian Symposium (1982) on "Updating and Retraining" of Science Teachers" .
  • The 7th ICASE-Asian Symposium (1991), in Shanghai, on "Making Science Education in Schools More Relevant'' .
  • Science and Technology Education Conference (2000) on Technology Science and Technology education : Innovations and Experiences" .


Related Organizations

The ICASE -- The Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education is a Full Member of the ICASE (INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF ASSOCIATIONS FOR SCIENCE EDUCATION).