2016 Science Assessment Test

2016 Science Assessment Test

(Secondary 2 and 3)



The purpose of the test is to assess the science process skills of students at secondary 2 and 3 levels in Hong Kong and in nearby regions, and to provide feedback to schools on the strengths and weaknesses of students in the test for the improvement of science teaching and learning.



The test aims at testing participants’ science process skills, which include observing, classifying, measuring, planning and designing, inferring and predicting, and communicating.



Secondary 2 and 3 students



30 April 2016 (Sat), AM



CCC Rotary Secondary School (School Hall), No. 157 Lung Cheung Road, Kowloon /

Newman Catholic College (Upper School Hall), 2 Cliff Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon /

Other venues … … … … (To be assigned by HKASME)



1 April 2016 (Fri)



Bilingual (中英對照)



HK$50 per student


WEBSITE :     http://www.hkasme.org/

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The test is based on the knowledge and skills acquired by S1 and S2 students as outlined in Science Curriculum Guide (S1-3) published by the Curriculum Development Council of the Education Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. However, participants are not required to recall facts and knowledge from the curriculum.


Some questions in the test are set on unfamiliar situations. For such questions, sufficient information will be provided to participants so that they should be able to know what the questions are expected of and can apply their skills in tackling the problems.



(1)  Test duration:

1 hour (~35 minutes for the multiple-choice questions; ~25 minutes for the short-response questions)


(2)  Test paper:

24 multiple-choice questions; 2 short-response questions


Certificate and Report to Participating Student :

1.    An individual certificate will be issued to the student indicating the award he/she has achieved. There will be five levels of award namely, Diamond (highest), Gold, Silver, Bronze and Participation. Participants who are able to demonstrate a fundamental mastery of the science process skills will be awarded a Bronze Award, while the best 5% will be awarded a Diamond Award. An expert panel of the HKASME will decide, based on the performance of the participants, the cut-off marks for the Gold and Silver Awards.


2.    Besides the certificate, student will receive a brief report indicating his/her answer, the correct answer and the overall correct percentage for each M.C. question in the test.


Performance Report and Feedback to Teacher Coordinator :

1.    Teacher coordinator will have question papers with answers and the marks for all of his/her students.


2.    A dissemination seminar will be held in July 2016 to share the findings and students’ performance in the test. The seminar is ONLY reserved for teachers whose students had completed the test.


3.    For schools that presented 30 students or above for the test, they will receive a school-based report analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the students in the test.



If your school has more than 30 students enrolled in the test, you can request to conduct the test inside your own school in early May 2016. We will prepare all of the question papers and answers sheets for your school. Your school shall assign a staff to collect the materials from our office before the test and return them to us immediately after the test for marking purpose.



Please fill the details for your school’s teacher coordinator and participating students in the attached EXCEL file and return it by email to: golden@hkasme.org; and send a cheque with appropriate total amount (HK$50 per student), crossed and payable to "HKASME LTD" by post to the address below. Enrollment will be on a first-come, first served basis. Late enrollment will not be accepted.



Mr. Golden WONG

Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education

Rm 114, 1/F, Po On Court, 1 Po On Road, Shum Shui Po, Kowloon

(Re: 2016 Science Assessment Test)



Please feel free to contact Mr. Golden WONG (golden@hkasme.org) or Dr. Thomas CHEUNG (thomas@hkasme.org) at 2333 7602 for any further enquiries.





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